Every Sunday, I’ll take a look at the day’s betting lines and give my betting tips, including a Bet of the Week.

I won’t be including the Thursday or Monday night games; after all, betting on early games is a sure-fire way to lose early, and who want to wait until Monday night/Tuesday morning to get paid?

All these prices/lines are from SkyBet.

Sunday games:

Indianapolis (-2.5) 1/1 @ Buffalo (-2.5) 5/6

Some people are predicting a blowout win for the Colts, but I’m not so sure. Buffalo’s defence looks very, very good, and they do have some good skill position players, although they all seem to be dealing with injuries. I’d take Indianapolis (-2.5) just because I can’t see Tyrod Taylor beating Andrew Luck.

Green Bay (-6.5) 10/11 @ Chicago (+6.5) 10/11

Even without Jordy Nelson, and with Randall Cobb a doubt, I’m taking Green Bay (-6.5), and I’m doing so confidently. Quite frankly, the Bears look terrible on both sides of the ball, although I am a Matt Forte fan. I think Eddie Lacy has a big game for the Packers, who’ll win by double digits.

Kansas City (-0.5) 10/11 @ Houston (+0.5) 10/11

This is a toss-up game, and usually in toss-ups, I’d take the home team, especially with the tiny advantage, but not this time. I think Jamaal Charles has a big day and the Chiefs sneak a win. I’m taking Kansas City (-0.5).

Carolina (-2.5) 8/11 @ Jacksonville (+2.5) 11/10

This is actually a tough one to call for me. I think Carolina win the game, but the line seems spot on and I think this will be a low-scoring game. If pressed I’d take Carolina (-2.5) but I’ll be avoiding this.

Cleveland (+3.5) 10/11 @ New York Jets (-3.5) 10/11

I really, really don’t like the Browns at all this season. I think they have the worst offense in the league, and so despite having some nice defensive players, I don’t think that’s enough. I’m not massively high on the Jets either, but I think they win this game by a touchdown, so I’m taking the New York Jets (-3.5).

Seattle (-3.5) 10/11 @ St Louis (+3.5) 10/11

The line is pretty good in this game too. I think Seattle win, but the Rams seem to cause the Seahawks issues and to win by more than a field goal in St Louis won’t be easy for Russell Wilson and co. I would take Seattle (-3.5) if pushed, but I’ll steer clear of this one.

Miami (-3.5) 1/1 @ Washington (+3.5) 5/6

Washington look like a really, really bad team. Really bad. Like two-win bad. Therefore, I’m taking Miami (-3.5) and running with it. Which is more than I see Alfred Morris doing with the ball against Ndamukong Suh and company!

New Orleans (+2.5) 10/11 @ Arizona (-2.5) 10/11

Another good line. The Saints look like they want to run the ball, which is fine, but I’m not sure their defense is good enough to allow them to do that. Losing Jimmy Graham will harm the passing game, and I think Arizona will be the opposite. They’ll sling it! I’d take Arizona (-2.5) here.

Detroit (+2.5) 10/11 @ San Diego (-2.5) 10/11

Two team who’ll be looking for a playoff spot by the time January comes around, but both with major flaws too. I like the Lions with the points here. They might not win the game outright, but I like Detroit (+2.5).

Baltimore (+4.5) 10/11 @ Denver (-4.5) 10/11

Another two teams with serious Super Bowl ambitions this season, and once again I like the line here. There are some question marks about both offensive units, but the defenses look strong, especially Denver’s. I think this is going to be a tight game, so I’ll take the team with the points, Baltimore (+4.5).

Cincinnati (-2.5) 5/6 @ Oakland (+2.5) 1/1

I think Oakland will be better this season. I love Khalil Mack and I’m a huge Amari Cooper fan too. People are down on the Bengals, mainly due to Andy Dalton, but they still have a talented team and I think they win by a touchdown, so I’ll have Cincinnati (-2.5).

Tennessee (+2.5) 1/1 @ Tampa Bay (-2.5) 5/6

The battle of the rookie quarterbacks, and two pretty bad football teams. I have honestly no clue how to call this game in truth. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are very talented, but we’ve not seen a lot of them. The Tampa offensive line looks bad, and I’m not high on the Titans’ receivers. I guess I’d take Tampa Bay (-2.5) as they are the home team, but not confidently at all.

New York (+6.5) 10/11 @ Dallas (-6.5) 10/11

I really don’t like the Giants’ defence at all. They have a very exciting looking offence, but Dallas have a better one. I’ll take the Cowboys to win by double digits. Give me Dallas (-6.5).

Bet of the Week

Each week, I’ll give you my favourite bet – and to prove that I put my money where my mouth is, I’ll be doing just that! Putting my money down.

I’ve taken an accumulator of Green Bay (-6.5), Kansas City (-0.5), New York Jets (-3.5), and Miami (-3.5) at odds of just over 14/1. £10 returns £145.79.