Poker is a popular game which is being played all across the world. And there are many poker terms and phrases that may not be clear for anyone outside of this game. So, if you want to play seriously, grabbing all the poker limbo that comes along and terminology is a must. While you may already be aware of many poker saying and terms there are sure to be many that you probably won’t know. If you are new to the poker world, learning the poker slang will greatly improve your knowledge of the game. Be it Poker Rake, online poker or the live form of poker, these terms should be known to everyone. The game of poker is evolving, and like any language, new words are being added to the poker lexicon all the time. Understanding the game language will help you have a better time while playing and discussing hands with your friends. It seems like a lot to hold at first but most poker terms are actually quite easy to break down.

Here Are 5 Common Poker Terms You Should Know About


The load of money taken out of a pot by the house (the dealer is the house’s representative in this process) as its fee for running the game; the rake is used to pay overhead, including utilities, staff salaries, equipment, and facilities.


If you bet all your chips at any point, you are treated as having gone “All-in.” This can happen either when you bet all your chips as a strategic move in No Limit games, or when you don’t have enough chips to make a required or elective bet. Having gone All-in gives you the possibility to win a share of the pot up to and including your last addition to that pot. You cannot take part in any bets added above and beyond that point. These bets form a side-pot. The all-in is also used for situations where a player in a hand loses connection to the server.

Back Door

A hand which is made back door needs both the river card and turn card to make the hand. For instance, say you have J and Q of clubs with a flop of 6 of spades, 5 of hearts and A of clubs. If the river and turn are 3 and K of clubs, you’re looking at a backdoor flush. This is also called runner/runner.


A special bonus placed on a player which is awarded to anyone who busts the said player. Some tournaments emphasize bounty format, where a share of the prize pool is set aside for bounties and you get instantly credited with a bounty every time you bust a player.

Calling The Clock

Sometimes in a poker tournament, if a player takes an excessive amount of time to make a move, other players may call the clock on him. Once the clock is called, the player is given 60 seconds to make a move and if the fails to make his decision, his hand is declared dead.